Maia the Moon Princess

Ala and her sister Maia used to be best friends. They were inseparable. But now Maia has her own room, white and clean, and with no toys in it. Just a bed and weird machines making weird noises. There’s always a crowd of people around Maia and she seems to get all of their parents’ attention.

Nobody wants to tell Ala what is going on - but she has her theory. She can’t play with Maia anymore because her sister’s a Moon Princess. She’s getting ready to go back to the Moon, to her people. Ala likes to imagine all the amazing adventures Maia is going to have when she gets to the Moon. Even if she knows her theory might not be that close to reality… Will anyone tell her what is really going to happen to Maia?


Elephant in the Room

When I’m asleep my hands make yellow paper cranes.
They’re here when I’m awake.
But then sometimes I open my eyes and there’s no yellow paper cranes.
Just a red paper elephant in the room.

Elephant in the Room is a picturebook about mental issues that haunt our minds. Depression, stress, social anxiety. Sometimes just lurking in the blindspot, sometimes so big and overhelming, you can’t see anything through them.